Top 10 Cryptocurrency Stocks To Buy Before 2023

The cryptocurrency market saw a significant price increase in 2020, resulting in massive returns for crypto stock investors. Profits were maintained in 2021 as well. 2021 has been a banner year for wealth creation, thanks to sufficient liquidity in the financial sector. Whether investing in stocks or cryptocurrencies, investors have seen multi-fold returns in just a few months or weeks.

The crypto market is currently providing wonderful news for crypto enthusiasts. The worldwide crypto market valuation has risen to US$3 trillion as a result of the recent jump in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Despite the fact that the market has had some bumps recently, and the price values of several cryptocurrencies have also been rocky, the inflow of new investors has not slowed. Of course, among the highest achievers, there have been speculative stocks to buy. So, in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 cryptocurrency stocks to buy before 2022 if you want to make a significant profit.

10 Cryptocurrency Stocks To Buy Before 2023

1. Hive Blockchain Technologies

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Stocks
Top 10 Cryptocurrency Stocks To Buy
  • Market cap: US$275.07 million

The company’s goal is to bridge the gap between the blockchain and traditional capital markets. HIVE owns cutting-edge green energy-powered data centers that continuously create new digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in the cloud. The HIVE stock increased by about 50% last month and has the potential to increase even more in the coming quarters. 

2. Robinhood Markets

10 Cryptocurrency Stocks
  • Market cap: US$8.67 billion

Robinhood Markets is a famous discount brokerage software that allows users to buy stocks, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies for a low price. Large cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin can be purchased and sold without paying a commission. The platform combines this commission-free model with the scaling of the number of cryptocurrencies on the platform, giving massive competition to traditional and decentralized platforms.

3. Coinbase Global

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Stocks
Top 10 Cryptocurrency Stocks To Buy
  • Market cap: US$12.01 billion

Coinbase Global is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading exchanges, allowing users to purchase and sell major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as over 50 other cryptocurrencies. The success of this trading platform will be determined by the rise in cryptocurrency values. Every time someone places an order to purchase or sell cryptocurrency, Coinbase receives a tiny transaction fee. Customers can also take advantage of game-changing advancements through the platform. 

4. Roblox Corporation

10 Cryptocurrency Stocks
  • Market cap: US$20.99 billion

Roblox’s aim is to connect people from all around the world together via play. Users can invent, create, and have fun with their friends while exploring the platform’s millions of rich 3D experiences. The RBLX stock jumped from US$77 to US$110 in just one session, indicating that it might become one of the hottest crypto stocks in 2022.

5. CME Group

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Stocks
Top 10 Cryptocurrency Stocks To Buy
  • Market cap: US$ 61.99 billion

The CME Group runs the world’s largest financial derivatives market, which allows investors to trade futures, bet on, and secure the price of an asset in the future. The CME Group’s exchange deals in a wide range of assets, including agricultural and mining products, energy stocks, and currencies. Although crypto derivatives are still a minor industry for the CME, the business plans to expand its crypto-asset exchanges in the future. 

6. Voyager Digital

  • Market cap: US$48.55 Million

Voyager Digital is a cryptocurrency exchange and stock that allows users to purchase the most popular cryptocurrencies. It also gives you the opportunity to earn a good return on your investments, which is one of the most sought-after features in the crypto world. As more customers are drawn to this platform for its different benefits, this stock will continue to increase. The value of the Voyager token has increased in the last few months.

7. Argo Blockchain

  • Market cap: US$39.11 million

Argo Blockchain mined 597 Bitcoins and BTC equivalents in Q3 2021. As a result, the company’s total Bitcoin holdings have climbed to 1,836. As blockchain technology continues to evolve and influence the global economy, the company intends to power it. In the coming years, it also has plans to diversify beyond mining. 

8. Canaan

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Stocks

  • Market cap: US$476.42 million

Bitcoin mining has evolved substantially in recent years. Companies like Canaan now develop high-powered, application-specific integrated circuit computers expressly for brute-forcing guessing the proper hash of a network. The company’s next-generation Avalon ASCIS can discover the proper hash to validate blocks on the Bitcoin network by making trillions of guesses every second. 

9. Hut 8 Mining Corp

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Stocks
  • Market cap: US$408.13 million

Hut 8 Mining Corp, a Canadian digital asset miner with a focus on Ethereum and Bitcoin, is offering this service. The company recorded 264 mined bitcoins in September, with an average daily output rate of 9.11 bitcoins. This company is one of the best options in the crypto mining market, with a lot of room for growth in the coming year.

10. MicroStrategy Incorporated

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Stocks To Buy
  • Market cap: US$1.57 billion

MicroStrategy is a renowned provider of business intelligence tools as well as mobile and cloud-based services. The company’s goal is to provide intelligence to people all across the world. All complicated questions are answered instantly by the analytics platform.

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