15 Free Websites to Create Animated GIFs

17 Free Websites to Create Animated GIFs In 2023

Free websites to create animated GIFs. If you want to make stunning animated images for ads, social networking sites, sending friends, or your websites, you will need image creation websites with various effects and galleries, or you may engage a web designer to do it for you, as web developers are very expensive. Here’s a solution: use several free picture creation websites with great functionality to make animated GIFs on a low budget.

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is an image format utilized by numerous websites and organizations to accomplish their goals. This is a format that is supported by all platforms and is widely used on the internet by a large number of people. It satisfies the general goal of all users.

Animated gif images are typically displayed as a combination of photos, drawings, scans, or text. To do so, first, select a series of photos, decide on their purpose, and then arrange the images in the order you want them to appear, eventually combining two or more distinct images to create one gif image.

Free Websites to Create Animated GIFs

1. GIFMake

17 Free Websites to Create Animated GIFs In 2022
Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: GIFMake

GIFMake is a simple online GIF creator that allows anyone to create an animated GIF in a matter of seconds. This GIF maker has a simple interface with a lot of customization possibilities and can handle a variety of file types.

It offers a simple interface with a visual board where you can drag and drop anything from links, videos, lists, text, notes, and even hand-drawn sketches into your projects in any order that makes sense. Additionally, it accepts common file types such as JPG, PDF, Word, and Excel, allowing you to quickly add them to your board.

2. Avatar.Pho.To

17 Free Websites to Create Animated GIFs In 2022
Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: Avatar.Pho.To

Avatar.Pho.to is a website that allows you to create cool animated avatars. On Avatar.Pho.to, you can make customized avatars from your images without even signing up. A beautiful gif image can be easily created using two or more photos. You can make your face smile, wink, or appear surprised. Additionally, you can change the frames, add glittering text, adjust the animation speed, and resize your images.

Furthermore, their avatar builder comes pre-loaded with over 70 avatar layouts as well as a variety of effects for transforming your images into avatars.

3. GIFMaker.Me

17 Free Websites to Create Animated GIFs In 2022
Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: GIFMaker.Me

It’s a useful platform for making GIFs and other image formats, including GIF, JPG, and PNG. Its scrolling pane canvas allows users to easily manage animated GIF frames and generate animated GIFs. It also has a preview panel that allows users to preview the animated GIF file before finalizing it. Other features include a video maker, GIF resize, and a password generator.


4. Giphy GIF Maker

17 Free Websites to Create Animated GIFs In 2022
Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: Giphy GIF Maker

GIPHY is the best online tool for making GIFs and animated backgrounds. You may transform any image or video into a cool GIF by uploading it or entering the URL of a video on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other website through a simple interface.

You can also use the same tool to generate a sticker out of any JPG or PNG file. Additionally, the GIPHY backdrops you make can be used as virtual backgrounds for an app or social network account.

5. Make Animation

17 Free Websites to Create Animated GIFs In 2022
Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: Make Animation

For creating animated gif images, Make Animation has a more complete interface. You can submit photos in jpeg, tiff, png, BMP, and other formats, as well as alter existing gifs. A more extensive bar for setting the roundness of the corners can be found on the site. You can change the backdrop color, speed, and size of the animation, as well as fit it to a specific size.

6. Loogix

17 Free Websites to Create Animated GIFs In 2022
Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: Loogix

To access this site, you must have at least three images available to create a GIF and a maximum of ten images that can be uploaded together to create a GIF. It has a frame rate of five types. Loogix also has some effects for instant and regular GIF creation, such as Blur, Guggle, Motley, Swirl, Explosion, Zoom, Rotation, and Negative.

7. Visme GIF Maker

17 Free Websites to Create Animated GIFs In 2022
Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: Visme GIF Maker

Visme is essentially an online tool for making social media graphics, which includes intriguing GIFs. It’s free and easy to use. With their animated GIF editor, you can generate high-quality GIFs or change ones that have already been created.

The GIFs you make using Visme can be customized to match your brand’s colors and fonts. There are also many ready-to-use GIF templates available in a variety of themes, which you may edit in any way to fit your brand.

8. Picasion

17 Free Websites to Create Animated GIFs In 2022
Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: Picasion

Picasion is yet another free online gif maker that you will love. With the help of this software, you can create glitter, avatars, and other effects to your images. To import your images, you can use Flickr or Picasa. Also you can take photos with your webcam or enter the URL of an existing image.

9. Gickr

Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: Gickr

Gickr also allows you to make animated GIFs by uploading a minimum of three images and a maximum of ten. It allows you to make custom GIF sizes as well as custom speeds (up to 10 seconds) for your animated GIFs, and it works with photos from your system, Flickr, and Picasa.

10. ImgFlip

Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: ImgFlip

Imgflip is another site that can be used to create GIFs and supports JPG, PNG, and GIF file formats. Its simple scroll panel allows users to fine-tune the width, height, and quality of animated GIF images, as well as modify the image’s delay time. Imgflip drag-and-drop tool allows you to generate images quickly and effortlessly, and the rearrange option allows you to change the images after they’ve been completed. Its GIFs have a minor imgflip.com watermark that can only be removed if you have a pro account.

11. GIFPal

Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: GIFPal

GIFPal is a nice platform that allows many of the same features as ImgFlip but with a more user-friendly layout. It comes with a variety of effects that you may apply to your GIFs. You can also use it to change the brightness, color, contrast, and saturation of your GIF.

It also has an animated GIF collection that you may look through, but some of the photos are NSFW (not-safe-for-work).

12. Online Image Editor

Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: Online Image Editor

It’s simple to edit pictures and animated GIFs online using the Online Image Editor. You can either upload photos from your hard drive or enter a URL. Also, you can make a canvas and add text and other elements to it. You may resize and trim your gif images, as well as add text and borders, and merge them. You can also apply appealing effects and pick between squared or rounded corners.

13. GIFS.com

17 Free Websites to Create Animated GIFs In 2022
Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: GIFS.com

Gifs feature a beautiful and intuitive UI with loads of customization choices for producing interesting animated GIFs or short videos, making it one of the fastest GIF makers. The tool has many additional features for producing cool GIFs, such as tweening and clipping, as well as frame-by-frame animations and even a sticker creator.

14. MakeaGIF

Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: MakeaGIF

It can take a long time for your photographs to upload to one of these GIF generator sites. However, makeagif.com simplifies the process much more easily. By holding down the control or command key, you can choose numerous photographs. This website also has a gallery of hilarious animated GIFs that you should look through.

15. BlogGIF

Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: BlogGIF

BlogGIF is a fun site with a lot of tools that let you make a variety of animated GIFs. It also has several effects that aid in the creation of creative and animated GIFs. With the help of an online tool, you can construct a GIF slideshow to present your photographs and decompose your animated GIFs into multiple frames.

16. Motionbox

Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs: Motionbox

Motionbox is the best choice for editing GIFs and animated text among the many online video editors.

With its simplicity and ease of use, creating more than GIFs is an advantage thanks to its wide range of editing tools.

Motionbox made a sweet gif collection of templates for Valentine’s Day, such as Love GIF and I Love You GIF templates, that will let you express passion and love to someone most innovatively and creatively.

Just click to copy the template for free and gain access to the template with their easy-to-use video creation tools.

17. Promo

Best Websites to Create Animated GIFs for Free

Promo is an online video maker that gives you everything you need to make high-performing videos. With Promo, you can also quickly and easily create a perfect GIF from any video. You can customize your GIFs by adding text to GIFs, cutting your GIF, and even resizing GIFs.


On the Internet, gif images are quite significant, especially because they draw more attention. On the other hand, the quality of your gif image is critical. As a result, make sure your photo sets are of acceptable quality. Also, make sure the photographs are arranged in a logical order that serves your objective. If you can make a well-crafted gif image, you’ll have a very strong image on your hands.

To make high-quality GIF images, visit any of the free websites listed above and have fun with your creations.

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