Apple AirTag Review

Apple AirTag Review: The Best Tracking device 2023

Apple AirTag is a little circular tracking device that uses Bluetooth and the Find My app to help you find items you’ve misplaced. With the help of various accessories, you can connect an AirTag to your keys, wallet, baggage, and almost anything else you’re afraid of losing. You may also hide an AirTag on something you’re worried will be stolen, such as a bike or a car, etc.

Apple AirTag Review


  • Can send a location from a distance
  • Gives directional cues
  • Replaceable battery
  • Accurate and reliable


  • No Android compatibility
  • No way to ping a phone from the tag
  • No hole for a lanyard or keyring
  • Anti-stalking features are limited


Apple has provided an appealing price point with an MSRP of $29.00 for a single AirTag or $99.00 for a pack of four AirTags. Competing trackers are priced similarly, with some being somewhat less expensive and others slightly more expensive.

Keep in mind that AirTags isn’t intended to be utilized without additional accessories. While a Tile Mate may be snapped onto your keychain or a Tile Sticker can be attached to remote control without any additional accessories, an AirTag requires the purchase of a key ring, bag charm, luggage tag, or other accessories to obtain the same function. If you buy an aftermarket accessory, this can add a small amount to the cost of an AirTag, but it can add a lot if you buy one of Apple’s official AirTag accessories.


Apple AirTag Review
Apple AirTag Review

An AirTag is a small white disc with a slightly smaller silver disc on one side. The Apple logo is inscribed in the center of the silver disc, which has been polished to a smooth mirror finish. The whole thing is about the size of a stack of three 50-cent pieces, with a diameter of 1.26 inches and a thickness of 0.31 inch. It’s a little smaller and has a higher quality feel than its major competitor, Tile.

While an AirTag looks beautiful straight out of the box, we noticed a few scuffs on the plastic shell and metal disc over a month of testing. The metal cap gathers fingerprints and smudges as well, but this isn’t as much of an issue. You may protect an AirTag from scratches by placing it in a protective case or keyring holder, but if you don’t, scratches will appear sooner rather than later.

AirTags, unlike their competitors, do not have a built-in attachment technique. While a Tile can be put on your keychain without any additional attachments, an AirTag requires a keyring accessory. Other AirTag accessories are meant to help you attach your AirTag to your luggage, your pet’s collar, and other items.

The most appealing aspect of the AirTag’s design is its user-serviceable battery. The silver disc pops off and shows a normal CR 2032 battery when it rotates against the white disc. Because Apple makes battery replacement a burden, it’s nice to know that when an AirTag’s battery goes off, it won’t be rendered worthless.


Apple AirTag Review
Apple AirTag Review

This is, hands down, the greatest tracker you’ll discover if you have an iPhone with Apple’s U1 chip (iPhone 11 and above). The basic functionality of AirTags is similar to that of competitors like Tile. However, the U1 chip takes it to the next level.

A lost AirTag emits a Bluetooth signal that may be read by nearby iPhones, which is the most basic feature. If you lose an AirTag-enabled item and report it as lost in the Find My app, you’ll get a signal whenever someone with an iPhone gets close enough to it.

You may then use the Find My app to look up the location of the lost item, go there, and have the AirTag emit a tone to assist you in finding it. This operates in a similar fashion to Tile, although there are considerably more iPhones than Tile users.

However, if your phone has Apple’s U1 chip, such as an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, everything changes. Instead of relying on a tone or a rough estimate of signal strength when you get close enough to a lost AirTag with one of these iPhones, the Precision Finding feature really provides an arrow on your iPhone that sends you in the correct direction.

Battery life

Apple AirTag Review
Apple AirTag Review

The AirTag is powered by a CR2032 battery, which Apple says will last more than a year if you make the tracker produce a sound four times a day and use Precision Finding once a day.

The battery is simple to replace: place two fingers on the metal side of the AirTag and twist to the right to pop off the metal cover, uncovering the battery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Question: Which iPhones have the U1 chip this product requires?

Answer: iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 all models have the U1 chip for precise findings.

2. Question: How far can you travel with this? Also how long does the battery last?

Answer: This relies on Bluetooth as well as other iPhone users’ Find My apps for when you have separated a long distance from the Air Tag. They say the battery lasts one year.

3. Question: Can it be paired with more than one iPhone?

Answer: Can only be paired to one iPhone. 


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