Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards In 2023

Bitcoin debit cards let you spend your cryptocurrency anywhere that accepts debit cards. If you have a large balance of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other supported currencies, you may be able to spend it exactly like money in a traditional bank account. The money is deducted from your Bitcoin account and converted into the merchant’s currency, such as US dollars, each time you use the card.

If you already have Bitcoin, it’s simple to get started with a Bitcoin debit card. We combed the market for the top Bitcoin debit cards, concentrating on pricing, fees, the convenience of use, and other factors to help you decide which is right for you.

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards in 2022


Best Bitcoin Debit Cards
Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

The Coinbase Card is a Visa-supported debit card that converts several cryptocurrencies to local cash for purchases and ATM withdrawals.

The Coinbase Card, which is solely available to Coinbase users, is a Visa-backed card that can be used to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies almost anywhere Visa is accepted in the United States. It may be used for PIN purchases, ATM withdrawals, and contactless purchases via the app. The card also has a rewards program that allows you to earn up to 4% back on your purchases.

Like a regular debit card, the Coinbase Card accepts 50+ cryptocurrencies, and the amount you can spend is directly connected to your Bitcoin balance, up to a daily limit of $10,000 for purchases and $500 for ATM withdrawals for international users. The daily spending limit for US users is $2,500, while the ATM withdrawal limit is $1,000.

Security features such as two-step verification, rapid card freeze, and bank-level AES-256 encryption secure the card (and your personal information), and all Coinbase workers are subject to a background check.

There is no card issuance cost. However, users in the United States will be charged a 2.49 percent transaction fee. Other countries’ users must pay 4.95 percent and 2.9 percent, respectively. There are a variety of different costs associated with the card, so make sure to review the fee table before registering for one.

Coinbase Advantages

  • The daily spending limit is high.
  • Over 50 cryptocurrencies are supported.
  • Available in 49 states across the United States.

Coinbase’s disadvantages

Huge fees for non-U.S. users

You must have a Coinbase account.


Best Bitcoin Debit Cards In 2023
Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

CoinZoom allows you to store 50 or more coins in a CoinZoom Visa-linked account.

CoinZoom is a cryptocurrency exchange that supports 52 different cryptocurrencies, including major ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as a Visa debit card that works with all of them. After a $10 setup charge, which is eliminated on the top-tier Black version, the card is free. For purchases, you can use the CoinZoom app to link your debit card to any bitcoin asset you own.

There are several tiers from which to pick. To enter the select tier, you must have 2,000 ZOOM worth $169.54. The Black Card, the highest rank, necessitates the possession of 100,000 coins worth $8,477. ZOOM is also used to payout rewards.

Depending on the tier you choose, you may be eligible for CoinZoom trading fee savings, incentives of up to 5% back, and other benefits. All of the cards are accepted at ATMs and everywhere else that accepts Visa.

You can change the currency that your card uses at any moment, which is useful if you want to spend different coins that you’ve collected over time. The ability to spend without first converting to Bitcoin could result in significant savings in network fees. Even if you only have one or two currencies, it’s still a strong product worth exploring.

CoinZoom’s Advantages

  • There are 52 cryptocurrencies that you can link to your debit card.
  • When you make a purchase, your crypto is instantly transferred to USD.
  • Five-card versions with bonuses of up to 5% back

CoinZoom’s disadvantages

  • For the best bonuses, a significant ZOOM coin stake is required.
  • Cashback rewards are paid in ZOOM tokens.
  • Most cards have a one-time $10 cost.


Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

The BitPay card was chosen as the best because it allows you to reload your card from your crypto wallet without incurring any conversion fees from BitPay.

The BitPay Prepaid Mastercard is a straightforward and simple prepaid debit card that makes it simple to spend cryptocurrency from a linked BitPay wallet at minimal prices. To use the BitPay card, you must first deposit cryptocurrency to your BitPay wallet. After that, you can use your card to exchange your cryptocurrency for dollars. You may be charged network fees for the conversion as well as the transfer, but no additional BitPay fees will be applied.

To apply for BitPay, you’ll need a social security number and a driver’s license. A $2.50 cost applies when using the card at an ATM, and a $5 monthly inactivity fee applies after 90 days of no purchases. There is a 3% foreign transaction fee if you use the card outside of the United States. There are no monthly fees, and BitPay allows you to purchase gift cards directly from your account.

BitPay now supports Apple Pay and has introduced a virtual card alternative for individuals who do not want or require a physical card. Despite the lack of benefits, the card’s ease of use and low charges make it a top pick for anyone searching for a simple way to buy Bitcoin. 

BitPay Advantages

  • When reloading your card, there are no conversion fees.
  • Debit card functions for purchases and ATM withdrawals are widely accepted.

BitPay’s disadvantages

  • To apply, you’ll need your Social Security number and a driver’s license.
  • After 90 days, there is a monthly inactivity charge.
  • For international transactions, there is a 3% transaction fee.


Best Bitcoin Debit Cards In 2023
Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

When using the Wirex Mastercard in the EEA or a Visa debit card in the APAC region, you can make free international ATM withdrawals and pay no exchange fees.

The Wirex Travelcard is linked to the Wirex app, which accepts a variety of fiat currencies as well as over 30 cryptocurrencies such as the Euro, GBP, USD, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. There are no foreign exchange fees because it provides free international ATM withdrawals and immediately converts to the local currency.

Fiat-to-fiat transactions are free. However, cryptocurrency exchanges are subject to Wirex fees. There is no monthly fee, and the Wirex rewards program offers Cryptoback benefits of up to 2.0 percent payback in cryptocurrency when you use your card to make purchases in stores or online.

The Wirex Visa debit card isn’t yet accessible in the United States, but the business’s recent movements suggest that a prepaid or debit card from Wirex could be on the way soon, as the company recently got its first license in Georgia. Its debit card is ideal for people who frequently travel internationally.

Wirex Advantages

  • Free fiat-to-fiat currency exchanges
  • There are no fees for using foreign ATMs or debit cards.
  • You can store and pay with numerous crypto and fiat currencies.

Wirex’s disadvantages

  • Not yet accessible in the United States.

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

Cards from provide 100% cashback on popular streaming services and up to 8% cashback on everyday purchases.

If you’re ready (and able to afford) to stake enough CRO, offers five distinct versions of their Visa debit card with an intriguing rewards program that includes wonderful bonuses ( coin). A basic version with 1% payouts, on the other hand, does not require any staking.

Staking $400 in CRO for the Ruby Steel version, $4,000 for the Jade Green and Royal Indigo versions, $40,000 for the Icy White and Frosted Rose Gold versions, or $400,000 for the Obsidian card is required for the higher-tier cards. That’s not feasible for most individuals, but those entrenched in cryptocurrency may be able to swing it.

The card also requires you to hold a large amount of CRO in order to get the best benefits and only gives you CRO incentives, which you may not be comfortable with when compared to more popular coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Higher-tiered cards, on the other hand, provide up to 8% back on purchases and 100% back on streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, and Prime. The top three grades also provide access to the lounge via Lounge Key.

If you exceed the monthly restrictions for free ATM transactions and exchanges, you’ll be charged a 2 percent fee for ATMs and a 0.5 percent fee for swaps. There are not many other card fees. However, costs for buying, holding, and exchanging cryptocurrency may be imposed by, and fees vary by card tier.

The card could be an excellent choice if you’re a cryptocurrency high roller who wants to maintain your debit card spending and rewards on the blockchain.’s Advantages

  • With some card versions, you can get a percentage back on Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.
  • On regular card purchases, you can earn up to 8% in rewards.
  • For top card levels, Expedia and Airbnb offer enhanced rewards.
  • Airport lounge access benefits are available.’s disadvantages

  • To earn the best rewards, you must stake (deposit) a large amount of CRO coins.
  • Huge staking requirements for the best card versions with top rewards and benefits.


Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

As long as you complete the minimum activity requirements, you can get the Crypterium card for free with no monthly maintenance fees.

Crypterium offers a Visa debit card that is primarily targeted at Eurozone users, but it is also available to consumers in the United States. You have the option of using a virtual card, a physical card, or both.

There are no monthly fees if you load the card with the equivalent of €299 per month. However, if you do not pay the required minimum deposit, it may not be the best option for you.

The only other expenses worth mentioning are a €14.99 ($17) delivery fee and a 2% fee for topping up your account. There is also a 2.5 percent foreign transaction fee and a €0.25 ($0.29) cost when paying online or with Apple Pay.

The Crypterium (CRPT) Wallet is backed by the CRPT token and holds a variety of popular coins. Its debit card is accepted in over 180 countries, making it a versatile option.

Crypterium’s Advantages

  • Free card 
  • No maintenance charge with a minimum monthly deposit.
  • Instant access to a virtual card

Crypterium’s disadvantages

  • card is optimized for EU-based users.

Final Words

If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast, a Bitcoin debit card can enable you to spend your funds on just about everything. Because there are so many options, choosing a card might be overwhelming, but any option on our list is an excellent place to start, depending on your needs and what you’re looking for in a card.

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