10 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android Free

10 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android Free

Best photo editing apps for Android. The best photo editing apps for Android can enhance the look and feel of your Instagram feed while also impressing your followers. You can feel lost and upset with so many alternatives, including premium and free photo editing apps. You know you want the best apps, but you don’t have time to try out all of the editors before deciding.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re asking, “What is the best photo editing app?”To help you out, we’ve put up a list of the best free photo editing apps for Android that you can use to improve your photo editing skills.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Free

1. Snapseed

Best photo editing apps for android free
Best photo editing apps for android free: Snapseed

Snapseed is a Google-owned photo editor that can work with both JPG and RAW photos. If you shoot with a DSLR camera and require an app to edit your photos, this is a valuable app to have. Although the application looks simple, it has some fascinating editing features, like the ability to modify levels and curves, demonstrating that it has a surprising depth of editing capabilities. It includes a feature that allows you to set eight control points on a picture and selectively apply changes to each point on the picture. The app also makes it simple to blur a section of an image and adjust underexposed areas.


Best photo editing apps for android free: VSCO

VSCO, formerly known as VSCO Cam, is a photography mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones. VSCO provides photo editors with simple and stylish photo editing capabilities. This software is ideal for iPhone or Android users who have their own distinct style and know-how to convey it in their photos.

VSCO is designed for people who have specified requirements for color filtration (for photos and video). Look elsewhere if you want more features than color filters.

3. Pixlr

Best photo editing apps for android free
Best photo editing apps for android free: Pixlr

For simple photo editing, Pixlr is a solid choice. The application includes a simple user experience that makes it simple to discover and apply effects and filters. Apart from easy-to-use editing tools, we discovered a very handy tool called “Pixelate,” which allows you to easily blur out any section of an image. We also appreciated how they named all of their editing tools with basic phrases like “Brighten” and “Darken,” which makes the software more accessible to all.

4. Picsart 

Best photo editing apps for android free
Best photo editing apps for android free: Picsart

Picsart is a good alternative for Android users searching for a more bold and stunning editing app. There’s no shortage of ways to modify your images with over 100 fonts, templates, and stickers accessible for free, and over 1,000 with a premium subscription.

Picsart is a good all-around photo-editing application that can be used daily. There are, however, better options if you’re looking for a more extensive and sophisticated camera mode with live editing options.

5. PhotoDirector


Best photo editing apps for android free
Best photo editing apps for android free: PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector has a built-in royalty-free stock library from Shutterstock and iStock, as well as complete creative control and a user-friendly interface. With PhotoDirector’s professional-quality tools, you can turn a simple snap into a spectacular image in seconds, regardless of your expertise level.

It includes all of the essential editing features, such as color grading, customizable collage templates, and object removal tools. The AI-powered sky replacement is one of the most advanced tools, allowing you to add beautiful sunsets to your photos. To excite your followers, animate photos by creating motion lines and anchor points for a customized animation, or use already animated stickers and decor. PhotoDirector also makes it simple to use the most popular Instagram effects.

The editing procedure is made easier by PhotoDirector’s user-friendly interface and simple functions. You can easily upload, edit, and create on the go with your phone or effortlessly transfer them to your Chromebook or tablet for adjustments at home, whether you’re editing one photo or hundreds.

6. APUS Camera

Best photo editing apps for android free
Best photo editing apps for android free: APUS Camera

This application is designed for casual photo app users, as shown by its user interface. Collage, makeup, and filters are all tools in the app that perform exactly what their names indicate. It also has a fun function where you can take a picture and it will try to guess your age and gender from it. If you’re more concerned with improving selfies and need a fun app for your photos, APUS Camera is a good choice.

7. Adobe Photoshop Camera

Best photo editing apps for android free
Best photo editing apps for android free: Adobe Photoshop Camera

Photoshop Camera applies masks, special effects, and some picture corrections to photos using an AI function called Adobe Sensei. The app’s filters let you choose from a wide range of colors, lighting choices, and special effects to instantly modify your photo. Animated features, such as shooting stars or moveable smart objects, are included in some lenses.

It’s more suited to casual users than serious content creators because it lacks critical editing tools and complex functionalities. Adobe continues to introduce new lenses to the app, each with a variety of options for creating highly stylized shots.

8. Canva

Best photo editing apps for android free
Best photo editing apps for android free: Canva

Canva’s best feature is its library of flexible and customizable templates. You can browse Canva’s existing templates, pick one that suits your design style, and tweak it to your liking.

You may also utilize the app’s graphics in your Instagram story posts. If you don’t want to use one of the app’s templates, you may use Canva’s library of elements to create a post of your own design.

Resizing, adjusting the color, and overlaying filters are the only photo effects available in Canva.

9. AirBrush

Best photo editing apps for android free: AirBrush

AirBrush is a photo editing program that’s great for selfies and portraits. It comes with a set of editing and beautification tools to help you make visually appealing selfies. Relight and Prism are two unique elements, as are classic retouch tools and even virtual makeup and hair options. You can also remove things from your images and replace the background with a different one. A premium subscription is required to access many of the features.

10. Lens Distortions

Best photo editing apps for android free: Lens Distortions

This is a unique program that allows you to add incredible effects to your photos. To your photos, you can add effects like a light source, fog, and even rain. These effects are really realistic; you must see them to believe how real some of them appear. The software allows you to stack many effects by adding layers, which is a useful tool for folks who enjoy doing a lot of editing. Lens Distortions is a free app with premium effects available for a monthly fee.

Final words

We tested a lot of apps to come up with this list, but there are so many photo editors on Android that we’re sure we left some out. Which Android photo editing app is your top pick? Please let us know in the comments section.

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