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The 20 Best PS4 Open World Games of All Time

The PS4 is a fantastic device with a plethora of excellent games. The PS4 offers everything, from first-person shooters to puzzle and strategy games. But what if you’re looking for something more? What if you want to play open-world games where you can explore, meet new people, and have a good time? That’s where the best PS4 open-world games come into play.

For a variety of reasons, open-world games are the best. They allow you to explore and immerse yourself in a rich and detailed world, as well as interact with new people. They’re also fantastic if you’re searching for a game that will both challenge and entertain you. There are several great open-world games available for the PS4, but which are the best? Here are 20 of the best PS4 open-world games you can play now.

Best Ps4 Open World Games 

20. Skyforge 

The 20 Best Ps4 Open World Games of All Time
Best Ps4 Open World Games

Skyforge is a free-to-play open-world multiplayer game. In Skyforge, players assume the role of an immortal with incredible power who must protect their planet from invaders who threaten the world and its population. As the player progresses, the open-world zone gets larger. It also lets the player switch between 17 different classes. As a player gains more experience, additional content, gear, and features are unlocked. Overall, the game is decent with solid mechanics and graphics and is a free open-world game on your PlayStation store. 

19. Island Saver

Next on the list, we have the island saver. Island Saver is a free-to-play action-adventure open-world game in which the goal of the game is to clear and traverse an island. In this game, new areas can be unlocked by spending in-game coins. These coins can be obtained by cleaning up recycled garbage and killing enemies. As the game progresses, the player learns more about the fundamentals of using a bank account and saving, in addition to related topics such as the concept of paying taxes. The game is free, fun, and unique.

18. Trove 

The 20 Best Ps4 Open World Games of All Time
Best Ps4 Open World Games

In the trove game, players take control of one of the multiple classes, each with different play styles and abilities. This game is similar to Minecraft in that it has similar gameplay elements, controls, and graphics. In trove, players arrive at a central area called the hub. In this area, players can access photos, which act as access points to different “in-game open worlds,” each one with a specific stage of progression. Each world gets steadily harder but rewards a higher level of experience and better resources. This game is a free Minecraft alternative.

17. Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty warrior 9 is an open-world hacked and slash game played from a third perspective. The game revamps the series’ gameplay with the introduction of the open-world environment. A traversable map of China is implemented, in which the player can freely roam on foot, on horseback, or by boat. The game focuses on livable environments such as cities and towns, as well as places where large battles take place. To sum it up, the game is good with solid graphics and mechanics, and most importantly, it’s free. 

16. Tera 

The 20 Best Ps4 Open World Games of All Time
Best Ps4 Open World Games

Tera, also known as Tera Online, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Tera has typical MMORPG features such as questing, crafting, and player versus player action. The game’s combat uses a real-time battle system that incorporates a third-person camera view. The third character in this game may be one of the 12 races. Each race has a set of unique skills that give them minor advantages. They also have unique animation and weapons. The graphics are good, with a beautiful open world to explore.

15. Warframe 

Warframe is an online action game that includes elements of shooters, RPGs, and stealth games. The player creates their character, which includes a basic armor unit called the war frame, which provides a player with special abilities and basic weapons such as a melee weapon, a primary sidearm, and a ship. Missions in this game can be played alone or with up to four players in a player vs. environment cooperative manner. Warframe is a beautiful game with a solid player base. 

14. Bless Unleashed

The 20 Best Ps4 Open World Games of All Time
Best Ps4 Open World Games

Bless Unleashed is a massively multiplayer open-world online role-playing game and was released on February 26, 2020, by Round 8 Studios. This game looks promising, and it has super nice graphics, different environments, different enemies, different characters, different weapons, and a big open world to explore. The game seems great, and I’m personally excited about it. Hopefully, the story and the gameplay will meet your expectations. 

13. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed by and published by Mihoyo. The game was released on September 28, 2020, and features an open-world map that the player can explore by walking, climbing, and gliding as necessary. The player can control up to four of their characters at any one time. By completing quests to advance the story, the player can unlock a total of 24 playable characters. Also, Genshin Impact is a multi-player video game. 

12. APB Reloaded

The 20 Best Ps4 Open World Games of All Time
Best Ps4 Open World Games

The next game is APB reloaded. This game is an open-world multiplayer online video game and takes place in the modern-day city of Sao Paulo, where there is a constant battle between law enforcement and criminals. And the player must choose which faction to join. This game has a lot of content to offer. It lets players drive cars, use different weapons to attack enemies and defend themselves, free roam in an open-world city, and play missions online with friends or random people from around the world. If you want a free open-world game, then this game is the best option. Go ahead and download it on your PlayStation 4 and give it a shot. 

11. Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

The game is a remake of the original Fantasy Star online, and it was released on July 4, 2021. The graphics in this game look amazing, and the gameplay, environment, enemies, and battles are well created. This game has lots of potentials.

10. Horizon Zero Dawn

The 20 Best Ps4 Open World Games of All Time
Best Ps4 Open World Games

With the release of Horizon Zero Dawn Killzone, developer Guerilla Games achieved the impossible. Not only did they deliver one of the console’s best exclusives, but they also created one of the best open worlds ever realized on a PlayStation platform, featuring perhaps the most unique setting on this entire list. Horizon takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where modern-day society has been obliterated by herds of animal-like machines, trading the bleak, irradiated wastelands so often associated with the post-apocalypse for a lush, vibrant environment. 

Instead, Horizon depicts a world overtaken as much by nature as by the monstrous robots that are trapped throughout it. It’s a densely populated and varied landscape, transporting the player from snow-capped peaks to desert-like valleys, lush forests, and ancient ruined cities. With technology turned against them, human settlements consist of numerous wooden huts, open fires, and other primitive amenities. The contrast between hulking sci-fi adversaries and a society of people stuck within the hunter-gatherer stage of civilization results in a truly intoxicating location unlike anything else on the platform. It is a beautiful, inventive title that is one of the PlayStation 4’s finest.

9. Fallout 4

Next, we have Fallout 4, the second Fallout game to be developed by Elder Scrolls creators Bethesda Game Studios. Fallout 4’s post-apocalyptic depiction of Boston is a thrill to explore, frozen for 200 years in an underground vault. Players emerge to find the surface obliterated by a devastating nuclear war that has destroyed the majority of the United States. Fallout’s wasteland is completely desolate, a location Ravaged by the effects of a global conflict that flattened cities and mutated fauna into grotesque monstrosities, this isn’t your everyday depiction of a post-nuclear armageddon. 

Fallout’s greatest strength lies in its alternate reality setting, which blends 1950s iconography with retro-futuristic technology. Exploring the ruins of the former Boston is a treat in and of itself, but its satirical depiction of capitalism and 1950s Americana creates a one-of-a-kind open world that feels decidedly fallout.

There are so many locations to discover here, from a cobbled-together city built within a baseball stadium to a galleon from the 1700s populated entirely by robots. And that’s to say nothing of the games’ vaults, an underground location that ushered humans safely below the surface as the bombs fell before secretly performing twisted experiments on their sheltering population. Unveiling vaults and unearthing the twisted secrets they hold is one of the games’ best features. You can even build your own settlement, leaving your personal mark on this barren open world. 

8. Riders Republic

Best Ps4 Open World Games

Riders republic is a wild, open-world action sports game. There are many activities in this game, as well as the crew, which is a more open world connected type of gameplay, mashed together to create something that works really well. 

It’s important to keep in mind that this thing isn’t perfect. But this is a game where you can do so many different, interesting things. It also has a ton of color, looks beautiful, and will absolutely occupy a ton of your time. On this extremely large open-world map, you see everything you see in Steep, as well as things like jet pack races and slightly more ridiculous things. You’ll probably notice something odd along the way. But they’ve got the right mix for this game.

7. Mad Max

Mad Max’s lonely road is out there, full of endless deserts and roaming bandits. Mad Max takes the sheer expanse of its landscape and ties it closely to vehicular play. You’re either roaming the land, scoping out different bases to take out, or assaulting convoys for precious rewards. A decent story and top-notch characterization for Max helped push the game past your average cinematic adaptation.

6. Mafia III

Best Ps4 Open World Games

Story-wise, Mafia RD had us hooked as protagonist Lincoln Clay went about establishing his dominance in New Bordeaux. That means plenty of shootouts and storming bases belonging to the Marcano family. It’s what happens next, as Clay must betray some allies, tighten his grip on the city, and decide what kind of ruler he wants to be. The atmosphere of 1968, from its politics to the racism inherent, is captured frighteningly well, and even if a game can be somewhat of a grind, Mafia 3 is still worth checking out. 

5. Just Cause 3

Best Ps4 Open World Games

Just Cause 3 is an action-adventure game developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix’s European subsidiary. The game had its share of issues at launch, especially with performance and loading times on consoles. The game offered a massive world to wreak havoc. And did it live up to the hype of Just Cause 2? No, but there were still vehicles to surf, planes to grapple, and heaps of explosions to trigger. The world itself is also big enough to keep you busy with various side missions and challenges to complete.

4. Mass Effect: Andromeda


Mass Effect Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by Bioware. This game brings some relatively interesting new characters and a decent storyline, but with clumsy execution. The planets themselves are large and full of things to do, but they’re really meant as a playground for combat. So create a building with engineers, biotics, and soldier skills and go wild, priming and detonating targets as necessary.

3. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Best Ps4 Open World Games

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is an action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft. This game not only features a more interesting hero in Edward Kenway, but the world is teeming with possibilities such as sunken treasure, hidden ruins, crazy ship battles, and more varied fortress assaults. The standard Assassin’s Creed gameplay was intact, but the world felt more realized with the ship providing an excellent new core mechanic. 

2. Tom Clancy’s The Division

Ubisoft’s massive third-person shooter looter had its share of bumps in the road after launch. You could argue that its open-world location could be utilized better, but there’s still a smattering of content to go through. Side missions and story missions aside, it’s great to see sections like the west side piers where skirmishes and resistance take place or the dark zone where PvE and PVP collide. The division isn’t perfect, but for scratching that looter itch, it can be pretty darn compelling.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Best Ps4 Open World Games

The current king of open-world titles, and for good reason. Rockstar Games’ painstaking attention to detail is apparent in every aspect of the game. cinematic presentation, beautiful graphics, a variety of activities, side mission design, and so on. The world itself encourages discovery as you look for campfires, help out denizens, or rob people blind. Not enough can be said about how the game handles weapon customization, corresponding, pacing, characterization, and much more in such an intricate manner. All you need to know is that Red Dead Redemption 2 is worth playing and then replaying for a long time. 

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