Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out—Here’s How to Fix It

Facebook keeps logging me out. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. With over 2.94 billion users and counting, Facebook has proven to be a powerful tool for connecting with friends and family, sharing experiences, and keeping up with what’s going on in their lives.

But as any avid user of Facebook knows, logging in can be a frustrating experience at times. Many users find that they can’t log into their account for one reason or another—and it’s not always because of some sort of bug or glitch. Sometimes it’s simply a user error. Other times, it’s because of security measures put in place to prevent hacking or other breaches of data privacy.

If you keep getting logged out of Facebook, don’t worry—you aren’t alone! There are several reasons why this might happen from time to time. And chances are, it’s probably something very minor that you can fix yourself.

How to Fix Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out

1. Clear Browser Cookies

One of the most common reasons for Facebook to keep logging you out is cookies. Cookies are small text files that contain information about your web browsing activity. They can be used to track your internet activity and even automatically log you into websites. However, they can also become corrupted or outdated, which can cause problems with login forms like the one on Facebook. To fix this, you can try clearing your cookies. Here’s how

Open the Chrome browser on your device and click on the three-dot in the top-right corner. Then click More Tools > Clear Browsing Data from the menu that appears.

Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out—Here's How to Fix It

Under Basic, select the time range. To do this, click on the Time range drop-down arrow and select the time range you want to clear (Last hour, Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 4 weeks, or you can choose All time to clear everything).

Next, make sure the Cookies and other site data checkboxes are selected. And click Clear Data.

Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out—Here's How to Fix It

2. Clear Facebook Cache

If you are using the Facebook app and the app keeps logging you out, one of the best solutions is to clear your mobile app cache. To do this, long-press on the Facebook app. Tap “App info” from the menu that pops up on your screen. Under the App info page, tap on Storage. Lastly, tap “clear cache” to clear all your Facebook cache.

Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out—Here's How to Fix It

3. Change Your Facebook Password

Most of the time, Facebook keeps on logging you out if your Facebook account password is hacked. This problem usually occurs when multiple people attempt to log in to the same account. When this happens, it’s advisable to change your password right away. And here’s how

Open your web browser and log into your Facebook account. Click on your profile account at the top right corner of your screen. Navigate to “Settings and Privacy” and click Settings. Next, click on “security and login.” Under security and login, click the edit button next to “change password”. Enter your new password. Re-type your new password again and click Save Changes.

For additional protection, you can turn on the two-factor authentication feature. When this security feature is activated, you’ll be asked to enter a unique code or confirm your login attempt each time someone tries to access Facebook from a web browser or mobile device.

4. Turn on Facebook Auto-Login

If Facebook keeps logging you out, one of the best solutions to this is to turn on Facebook Auto-login. If you want to stay logged in to your account, then you should enable this feature. Instead of typing in your username and password every time you log in to your account, the auto-login feature automatically logs you in when you come back without having to enter your credentials again.

To enable this useful feature, make sure the ” remember password” checkbox is checked when first signing into your account.

While this feature is convenient to use, it’s advisable not to use this method when you share a computer with the public. However, if you are the only one using the computer, then the auto-login feature is very nice to use.

5. Check Apps and Extensions

A lot of the time, when Facebook keeps logging you out, it’s because of a third-party app or extension. So, the first thing you should do is check your apps and extensions. See if there’s anything that could be causing the problem. If there is, try removing it and see if that fixes the issue.

To remove extensions in Chrome, head over to the address bar and type chrome://extensions/, and press Enter. Look through the installed extensions and delete the ones that you no longer use or suspect could be causing the problem.

Facebook Keeps Logging Me Out—Here's How to Fix It

For Microsoft Edge, click on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner, and go to Extensions to disable any suspicious extensions.

6. Talk to Support

Sometimes, the only way to fix a problem is to talk to support. When it comes to Facebook, there are a few ways you can get in touch with them. The first is by visiting their Help Center. You can look through common issues and see if there is a solution that applies to your situation. If not, you can submit a help request. Another way to get in touch with Facebook is through their app.

7. Update or Reinstall the Facebook App

If none of the above steps helped you, then you should try updating your Facebook app. Sometimes the outdated Facebook app you’re using keeps logging you out of your account. In these cases, updating the app can help fix the issue. To update your Facebook app, open the Play Store or App Store and update the Facebook app. You can also uninstall and reinstall the app if the update didn’t solve the problem.

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