Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online

Top 11 Free Movie Apps to Watch Movies Online

Free movie apps. Are you a movie fan? You can do so with just your smartphone and an internet connection. There are countless movies and TV series available on the internet, but finding a reliable streaming site that doesn’t overwhelm you with advertisements or harmful links is difficult. So the best thing you can do is download free movie apps and watch all of your favorite movies whenever and wherever you want.

Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online In 2022

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten free movie apps in this article. The apps on the list are officially accessible on Android and iOS through their respective app shops, namely the Google Play Store and the App Store. Whether you’re using Android or iOS, you won’t need to install APKs from third-party sources.

1. Tubi TV

Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online
Free Movie Apps: Tubi TV

Tubi TV features a library of free movies that are nicely organized by genres, such as horror, romance, and comedy. You can also browse the most popular and featured films. The movies are of high quality, and the movie player is responsive.

Subtitles are included in all of the films as a bonus. You may add movies to your queue after logging in, which is accessible across devices and even on Tubi TV’s web version. A screencasting option is also available.

Tubi may be accessed through Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, most smart TVs, and the web.

2. Popcornflix

Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online
Free Movie Apps: Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another free movie application that allows you to watch movies without having to use your computer.

Unlike some other apps, this one distinguishes between TV shows and movies. Once you’ve got to the movies, choose a genre to help you filter down the selection until you discover what you’re looking for. Crime, sports, action, drama, horror, documentaries, thrillers, and sci-fi films are all available.

After a while with the app, you’ll appreciate the “Not seen” filter, which allows you to avoid browsing through movies you’ve already seen.

Popcornflix movie streaming is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and a few other devices.

3. Disney+

Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online
Free Movie Apps: Disney+

Since its inception in late 2019, Disney+ has been a huge hit. It’s available across most of North and South America, as well as parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The service’s collection is reported to have around 7,000 television episodes and 500 films. This comprises the majority of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as the countless Disney “princess” films, several Star Wars films, and other Disney hits, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Benji, and X-Men.

It’s a terrific family option because of the variety of content. It costs $8 per month or $80 per year on all Smart TV and smartphone platforms.

4. Pluto TV

Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online
Free Movie Apps: Pluto TV

Pluto is another of the top free movie apps on the market. It has a lot of features and a lot of content, including free movies and TV shows. Pluto TV, which is owned by Viacom Inc., features certain exclusive content that you won’t find in any other app. To receive them, all you have to do is sign up for a free account that doesn’t require any credit card information. That’s all; you’re ready to go.

In exchange for using the app, you will be shown advertisements. It will be a tiny amount to cover the cost of the free movies and television programs you are watching. The user interface is also nice and simple to use. If you’re looking for a large selection of movies to watch online, Pluto TV is a good choice.

The app is available on various platforms, including Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and more.

5. Vudu

Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online
Free Movie Apps: Vudu

This site is well-known for selling movies, but if you’re willing to put up with the occasional advertisement, you can watch thousands of movies for free.

It’s simple to watch solely free movies on Vudu; simply go to the Free page from the menu or search for films with the “FREE WITH ADS” label. The movies can then be sorted by what’s new this week, what’s popular, or what genres they belong to.

Another alternative is to explore all of Vudu’s free movies on their website, then search for a certain film to watch on your mobile device using the app.

You can also look through sections like All-Time Movie Favourites, Most Watched Movies, Blazing Sci-Fi, Hidden Gems, and Big Time Movie Stars for more info.

Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users can download the Vudu app. Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV are all supported.

6. Filmrise

Free Movie Apps To Watch Movies Online
Free Movie Apps: Filmrise

The Filmrise app has a lot more free movies and episodes to watch. Every day, fresh content in categories such as horror, crime, action, drama, and documentaries is added. Book Adaptations, Political Thrillers, Shorts, the Future, and Musicals are some of the more useful categories.

Although a user account is not required to stream movies from this app, you may add titles to your watchlist to keep track of what you want to watch later.

Most devices, including Android and iOS, as well as Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, and Roku can stream Filmrise videos.

7. Crackle 

Free Movie Apps: Crackle

Crackle is yet another fantastic free movie app. Sony Pictures is the studio behind Crackle. It stands up to its reputation for valuable content, just like Sony Pictures. It comes with one of the best movie selections available, ranging from classics to recent hits.

Ads may be included in the free movies available, and you may have to put up with them in exchange for free movies. Don’t worry, the ads aren’t annoying, and they appear to be a fair price to pay. You have access to all of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s films, which is fantastic. The only thing to keep in mind before downloading this app is that it is only available in the United States and Australia. If you are from one of the countries mentioned, you can watch a large range of movies for free.

8. OneBox HD

Free Movie Apps: OneBox HD

Another free movie app on this list, OneBox HD, provides the most recent movies and TV shows. There are a variety of genres to pick from, including action, comedy, documentary, family, and more. You can search for movies and watch them for free at any time and from any location.

However, to watch these movies, you’ll need an external player. In addition to these features, OneBox HD supports Google Chromecast, allowing you to cast your favorite movies on any HDMI-enabled television. OneBox HD is a free movie software that you can download right now.

9. Yidio

Free Movie Apps: Yidio

Although Yidio’s free movie app only works on a few devices, it’s a very useful software that shows you exactly where you can locate free movies.

You may sort the films by release date, MPAA rating, IMDb rating, and genre, and you can even conceal the ones you’ve previously seen. Another option is to filter by app to find movies available in the apps you already have installed.

Because most of the movies aren’t hosted on Yidio’s website, you’ll be directed to download other apps like Crackle or Vudu.

This app is compatible with the following mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle.

10. MovieBox Pro

Free Movie Apps: MovieBox Pro

MovieBox Pro is one of the greatest free movie apps available, and its user interface is simple to use. This application provides a variety of features to users without the need for logins or paid subscriptions.

MovieBox Pro has a large library of movies and TV shows organized by genre, rating, year of release, and type of content, all without being interrupted by irritating advertisements. You can watch your favorite episodes in SD quality, but if you become a VIP member, you can also view them in HD. You can also download your favorite films to watch.

11. Reelgood

Reelgood is a 100% free streaming guide that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows. This app also gives users a personalized view where they can see all of the shows available from different streaming services in one place.

Reelgood makes it simple to discover new movies to watch in theatres or on a variety of streaming services, including push notifications when titles on your Watchlist are released.

Some Free Movie Apps Are Only Available in Certain Regions

When it comes to movies, it’s important to know that copyright is a major issue. This means that just a few nations have access to the apps on this list.

If one of these free movie apps isn’t available in your country, you might want to consider using a VPN instead of sideloading applications from untrustworthy sources.

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