The 10 Best Games Like 7 Days To Die

The 10 Best Games Like 7 Days To Die

The zombie survival genre, like many others, is now growing in popularity. There are numerous games that spark the audience’s interest, and 7 Days to Die is one of the most interesting zombie-based games that focus on your survival.

This Early Access title was released in 2013, and it has a huge following. It is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, Windows, macOS, and Linux, and has over 25,000 concurrent players on Steam.

7 Days to Die is a great game to play if you want to put your survival skills to the test. The game is challenging, especially when the moon turns red every seven nights and zombies swarm your position.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re tired of playing 7 Days to Die and want to try something new. Here are ten of the best games like 7 Days to Die that are currently available. Continue reading to find out more about them, as well as how they relate to the popular survival game.

Games Like 7 Days To Die

10. DayZ

The 10 Best Games Like 7 Days To Die
Games Like 7 Days To Die

Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

DayZ is a survival video game developed by Bohemia Interactive. It is the standalone successor to the same-name mod for the game ARMA 2. 

DayZ is a zombie survival game in which you can compete with other players, and the goal is to stay alive and healthy during the zombie attack. The player starts with only some basic clothing, a glow stick, and half of a bandage. To scavenge supplies, they must traverse the vast landscape of the former Soviet Republic of Chernarus. Food and water are among these supplies, as they are essential for the player’s survival.

Player interaction is a major part of DayZ’s gameplay. The game has both proximity voice and text chat. It also includes in-game gestures for surrender, such as waving or raising hands. Weapons are mostly melee weapons, but they also include attachments like bipods and telescopic sights.

Overall, DayZ is a nice game, and this is a game worth checking out if you’re looking for something like 7 Days to Die.

9. ARK: Survival Evolved

The 10 Best Games Like 7 Days To Die
Games Like 7 Days To Die

Developer: Studio Wildcard

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android

Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival video game released in 2017. It’s a fantastic game, and if you’re looking for something similar to 7 Days to Die, we definitely recommend it.

Depending on the map you choose, Ark: Survival Evolved will put you in a land populated with everything from dinosaurs to mystical creatures. To survive, you must build a base, prepare to tame the very beasts who are attempting to kill you and uncover the Ark’s secrets.

This game can be played in third-person or first-person mode, and the open world can be explored on foot or by riding a prehistoric animal. Players can defend themselves against hostile humans and creatures with firearms and improvised weapons, as well as create bases on the ground and on some creatures. 

There are single-player and multiplayer modes in the game. On a multiplayer server, it is possible to form tribes of members. Each server has a different maximum number of tribe mates. All tamed dinosaurs and building structures are usually shared among the members in this mode. There is a PvE mode in which players are not allowed to fight each other.

8. Valheim

The 10 Best Games Like 7 Days To Die
Games Like 7 Days To Die

Developer: Iron Gate AB

Platforms: Windows, Linux

Valheim is a perfect choice for players of 7 Days to Die, as it shares many of the same characteristics. To stay alive, you’ll need to create a base, take care of your needs, and fight off recurring attacks.

Players must acquire natural resources from all across the world in order to survive, whether through foraging, hunting, mining, or farming. Shelters, tools and equipment, and weapons are all made with these resources. Players have a health bar and a stamina bar, both of which deplete when they execute actions such as running and attacking. Players can eat food to recharge either bar. This can not only recover health and stamina but also temporarily boost how much of each the player has, depending on the type and quality of the food eaten.

One-and-two-handed weapons, shields, bows, and spears are all used in combat. Players can move between biomes on foot or on specially crafted boats, which range from rafts to different kinds of Viking longships.

7. Dead Island

The 10 Best Games Like 7 Days To Die
Games Like 7 Days To Die

Developer: Techland

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows

Dead Island is a game about surviving a zombie-infested open-world island, with a heavy focus on melee combat. The main character wakes up alone and abandoned after a hotel party; upon further investigation, he realizes that many people have been infected and have changed into zombies. He meets other survivors while attempting to escape the hotel.

You play in a stunning open-world with a first-person perspective, gathering weapons and upgrading equipment as you progress toward becoming a zombie-killing machine. Dead Island is a fantastic survival horror role-playing game that is available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

6. Don’t Starve

Games Like 7 Days To Die

Developer: Klei Entertainment

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, PlayStation 4, iOS, Windows

Don’t Starve is a single-player survival game with a dark art approach and many unique features that make it a standout open-world survival game.

Survive in an unforgiving open-world game with an eerie atmosphere due to the game’s visual and audio design. There are other characters to unlock, each with its own unique benefits and attributes that will drastically change your playstyle.

All players’ preferences are catered for in the sandbox and adventure game modes. The game includes a huge number of items and activities, with sufficient depth for serious players to optimize. The standalone (Don’t Starve Together) allows you to play multiplayer.

If you are a fan of survival video games and you want something similar to 7 Days to Die, then this game is worth checking out.

5. Rust

Games Like 7 Days To Die

Developer: Facepunch Studios

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux, macOS

Rust is a multiplayer survival game set in a harsh open world where people play to eliminate one another in order to survive. 

Rust’s goal is to survive in the wilderness by gathering or stealing resources. Players must control their hunger, thirst, and health or they will die. Despite the presence of hazardous animals such as bears and wolves, the player’s major threat is other players due to the game’s multiplayer format. Firearms and various weapons, such as bows, are used in combat. In addition, non-player characters’ vehicles will often roam the battlefield, targeting armed players. 

Rust includes crafting, but it is initially limited until specific items are discovered in the game’s open world. Players must develop bases or join clans to boost their chances of survival.

Rust is a very nice and challenging game for anyone looking for the best games like 7 Days to Die to play. 

4. CastleMiner Z

Games Like 7 Days To Die

Developer: DigitalDNA Games

Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360

CastleMiner Z is a game set in an infinite world with deep caves to explore and terrifying monsters to defeat. Build structures out of blocks, make weapons and tools out of raw materials, and explore the huge and terrifying environment around you.

There are many different types of guns that may be crafted, each with its own set of attributes and efficacy in certain scenarios. Run and gun or stand and defend gameplay is available in four different game types. 

All game modes have multiplayer features to encourage cooperation and boost your chances of survival. 

3. Project zomboid

The 10 Best Games Like 7 Days To Die
Games Like 7 Days To Die

Developer: The Indie Stone

Platforms: Windows, Linux

Project Zomboid is an isometric open-world survival horror game. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested environment, and the player is tasked with surviving as long as possible before death.

In Project Zomboid, the goal is to survive as long as possible in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested area that the government has quarantined. Before choosing one of four starting towns, the player can choose their character’s appearance, occupation, and traits.

In addition to avoiding zombies, the player must manage their own needs in order to stay alive by resting, scavenging for supplies, and employing survivalist techniques.

If you like survival games, this is one you won’t want to miss, and it’ll be the best option if you’re looking for games like 7 Days to Die.

2. Resident Evil Village

The 10 Best Games Like 7 Days To Die
Games Like 7 Days To Die

Developer: Capcom

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Windows,

Resident Evil Village is a survival horror game in which players take control of Ethan Winters, who is searching for his kidnapped daughter in a village full of zombies. 

The central village’s structures and buildings can be climbed and used to battle opponents. The game is more action-oriented, with protagonist Ethan Winters now having better combat skills because of his military training. 

The game’s main enemies, werewolf-like Lycans, are not only fast and smart, but they can also carry weapons and attack in groups, forcing the player to decide whether to use limited ammunition, engage in melee combat, or simply escape.

1. Days Gone

The 10 Best Games Like 7 Days To Die
Games Like 7 Days To Die

Developer: Bend Studio

Platforms: PlayStation 4,  Windows

Days Gone is an action-adventure video game set in post-apocalyptic Oregon, two years after the start of a pandemic that turned a part of humanity into vicious zombie-like creatures. Deacon St. John, a former outlaw turned drifter, discovers that his wife Sarah, who had been presumed dead, may still be alive and embarks on a search for her. 

Days Gone is a third-person shooter that allows the player to explore an open-world setting. Players can defend themselves with firearms, melee weapons, and improvised weaponry, as well as stealth, against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures known as Freakers. Deacon’s motorcycle, which serves as the player character’s primary mode of transportation and mobile inventory, is a key game mechanic.

Players can achieve tasks in a variety of ways, including using stealth tactics to confuse foes or silently killing them with a combat knife from behind.

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