How to Change Fonts on Instagram

How to Change Fonts on Instagram

How to change fonts on Instagram. When it comes to fonts, Instagram is quite limited. For example, there is no official feature that allows you to modify the font of your Instagram bio or your comments. That isn’t to say that you can’t modify the fonts.

In this article, we’ll show you how to modify the font in your Instagram stories, bio, comments, and even captions.

How to Change Fonts in Your Instagram Stories

The fonts in your text-based Instagram stories are one of the easiest things to change. Instagram makes this simple by allowing you to choose from a variety of typefaces by default. There are a total of nine fonts available. Here’s how to change the font in your Instagram Story if it’s text-based:

1. Tap “Your Story” in the left corner of your Instagram feed.

How To Change Fonts On Instagram
How To Change Fonts On Instagram

2. Allow Instagram the necessary permission if you haven’t.

3. Select Camera and tap the “Aa” button. This will bring up a blank page where you can start writing your story.

How To Change Fonts On Instagram
How To Change Fonts On Instagram

4. To type, tap anywhere on the blank page. Swipe left and right to select the font you wish to use once you’re done.

5. When you’re comfortable with a font, tap Next in the top right and select Share to post your story.

How To Change Fonts On Instagram
How To Change Fonts On Instagram

How to Get New Fonts on Instagram

By default, you only have access to nine fonts. However, you can use fonts that Instagram does not officially support. You can achieve this by going to a website that creates Instagram fonts. Cool Fonts,, and are all good examples.

It is simple to use such websites. Simply copy the text from them and paste it into Instagram; the font style will be retained. This method allows you access to over 100+ fonts, far more than Instagram’s default nine fonts.

Using Font Generator Sites to Change Instagram Fonts

There are a lot of font-generating websites out there, but they all operate on the same idea. You type the text and then copy it to your desired location. In this guide, we’ll be using

1. Go to

2. In the input bar, type your text. It might be a quote, caption, or bio that you want to share on Instagram.

3. Your text will be displayed in a variety of font styles. Scroll down to view more options.

4. When you’ve selected a font you like, select it and press the Copy button. You can also manually select the text by tapping on it and then selecting Copy from the popup menu. Your content will be copied to your clipboard in the new font.

5. Launch Instagram and go anywhere you can type text.

6. To paste your preformatted text, tap and hold the input bar and tap Paste.

Using this method, you can change the font in your Instagram bio, as well as the fonts in comments, stories, and captions. While you can choose any font from one of these websites, remember that not all fonts are created equal.


Changing the fonts on Instagram can help you make anything you post stand out and show off your creativity. It’s also really simple to do. You’ll only need an Instagram font generator to start enhancing the creativity of your stories, profile bio, comments, and posts.

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