How To Convert Videos From YouTube To MP3 File

How To Convert Videos From YouTube To MP3 File

How to convert videos from youtube to mp3. Do you listen to music on YouTube? Certain websites and applications can strip off the music tracks from your favourite YouTube videos and convert them to MP3 files, which you can then save to your PC and play offline.

Copyright Warning

Your own YouTube videos, as well as public domain and non-copyrighted videos, can be converted and downloaded. However, without the authorization of the owner, converting and downloading copyrighted videos is impossible. “Downloading or copying of videos on YouTube without the explicit agreement of the copyright holder is prohibited under our terms of service,” Google says.

Be Cautious of Malware

You should also be cautious when using video converter websites online. Many of them are either unreliable or try to infect your computer with malware. Before visiting any such website, make sure you have reliable and up-to-date antivirus software installed to protect yourself from any malicious assaults.

Let’s have a look at how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files.

1. MP3FY

How to Convert Videos from YouTube to MP3
How to Convert Videos from YouTube to MP3

MP3FY is a website that allows you to copy and paste the YouTube video’s URL and convert it to MP3. Just add the URL and click the Convert button. After verifying the video’s title, click Confirm, and then Download MP3. Save the MP3 file to your PC and play it with your preferred MP3 player.

With MP3FY, you can also convert a video to MP3 directly from YouTube. In the URL for the YouTube video, you want to convert, add the letters “fy” between youtube This will lead you to the MP3FY website, where you can convert and download the MP3 file using the same processes.

2. 4K YouTube to MP3

How to Convert Videos from YouTube to MP3
How to Convert Videos from YouTube to MP3

On your Windows PC or Mac, download, install, and execute this conversion tool. The free version of 4K YouTube to MP3 is the most basic. The premium edition costs $15 for three personal licenses and removes advertisements, allows you to download YouTube playlists and channels, and includes future software updates.

You can convert and download YouTube content like video or audio files using a 4K Video Downloader. Choose between MP3, M4A, and OGG formats for audio files, then choose between original, high, medium, or low quality. By clicking the Smart Mode icon, you can choose your options each time you convert and download a video, or you can set your default options.

By clicking the Paste Link button, you can paste a YouTube URL directly into the software. If you don’t want to use Smart Mode, you can choose the audio format and quality, as well as the download location. Click the Extract button. Double-click the resulting audio file in 4K Video Downloader or in the location where you saved it to play it.

3. Motionbox YouTube to MP3

How to Convert Videos from YouTube to MP3
How to Convert Videos from YouTube to MP3

Another excellent website for converting YouTube videos to MP3 audio formats is Motionbox YouTube to MP3. The website is completely free, quick, and trustworthy. Simply copy and paste the link into the textbox, and Motionbox will handle the rest.

Motionbox also has a tool that allows you to easily cut videos before downloading them. The website is really quick, as it converts longer videos to MP3 files in a matter of seconds. Motionbox is a good tool to use if you want to trim the audio before downloading it.

4. Mediahuman

How to Convert Videos from YouTube to MP3

You can download and run a free conversation tool called “YouTube to MP3 Converter” from MediaHuman on your computer. Despite its ease of use, the software includes a number of advanced features. Simply copy and paste or drag and drop the YouTube URL into the software, then click the Start Download button to begin. You may even convert and download a bunch of videos at once.

5. YouTube Music

How To Convert Videos From YouTube To MP3

If you only want to listen to music on YouTube without downloading an MP3 file, YouTube Music is a great option. YouTube Music for iOS, iPadOS and Android allows you to explore and search for music from various artists, albums, and genres. Songs cannot be downloaded for usage outside of the app, but you can add offline listening with a YouTube Premium paid subscription.

YouTube Music Premium is a premium subscription that removes ads and allows you to download music to listen to offline. The app keeps track of the songs and channels you’ve listened to, so you can go back to them quickly. Family and student options are available for $14.99 and $4.99 a month, respectively. Apple charges developers for in-app payments, but you can avoid the added cost by signing up on the web.

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