How To Sync An Xbox One Controller With Your Console

How to sync an Xbox one controller. Although wireless controllers are convenient, connecting them might be difficult. If you’re not sure how to attach an Xbox One controller to your Xbox system, we’ll walk you through it.

It’s simple to pair your Xbox One controller, whether you bought a new controller and need to sync it to your Xbox One or took your controller over to play on a friend’s Xbox.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to connect an Xbox controller to any Xbox console. We’ll also go through a few pointers in case connecting doesn’t work out.

How to sync an Xbox One controller 
How To Sync An Xbox One Controller

The simplest way to connect your Xbox controller to your Xbox is through wireless pairing. Here’s how to wirelessly connect your Xbox controller to your console:

1. Turn on the device by pressing the Xbox button in the center while the Bluetooth controller is charged or fresh batteries are inserted. It will light up to show that it has been switched on. Then, on the Xbox console, press the power button.

2. You’ll need to activate the connection on both the console and the controller to sync your controller with your Xbox One. To start, locate the console’s connection button. On the original Xbox One, that button is located on the left side of the console, near the disc slot.

How to sync an Xbox One controller 
How to sync an Xbox One controller

3. The connection button on the Xbox One X and Xbox One S is located beneath the power button in the bottom right corner of the front of the console. The white Xbox logo should begin flashing when you press the button, indicating that the console is looking for a controller signal.

How to sync an Xbox One controller 
How To Sync An Xbox One Controller

4. You’ll have 20 seconds after pressing the Connect button on the Xbox One to give it a signal to initiate a controller connection; press the black Connect button on the top side of the controller. While they’re trying to connect, the Xbox logo on both the controller and the console will flash. Both logos will become solid when they find each other, signifying that the controller and console have synced.

How to sync an Xbox One controller 
How To Sync An Xbox One Controller

5. Repeat the process with any additional controllers (up to eight) that you want to connect to the Xbox.

How to Pair Your Xbox One Controller Using a USB Cable

If you don’t have battery packs for your Xbox controllers, you aren’t limited to utilizing them wirelessly. You can also use cables to connect them to your Xbox One. This will sync them to your console, so if you’re having difficulties syncing wirelessly, it may be better to use a USB cable. You can connect your controller to the console directly using a Micro-B USB cable. You won’t need batteries or a rechargeable battery pack because the cable may act as a power source for the now-wired controller, and you can still modify controller settings via the Controller menu.


Not all Xbox One controllers will sync properly. These are the most common problems and how to fix them.

Syncing Problems After a Firmware Update

If your controller was disconnected during a firmware update, it could stop working. Get a spare Xbox controller to fix the issue.

1. Go to Devices and Accessories.

2. Identify the controller that isn’t working—it will have a notice that indicates “Update Required” on it.

3. Restart the firmware update.

4. While the firmware update is in progress, do not disconnect the controller.

The Xbox One Controller is Not Turning on

If your controller’s batteries are fully charged but they still won’t switch on, try removing them for at least 15 seconds. Replace them and try to turn them on again.

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