Poco Watch Review: The Best Smartwatch For A Low Price

Poco Watch Review: The Best Smartwatch For A Low Price in 2023

The Poco’s first smartwatch was just announced at the Pocos global event and comes with a lot of cool and useful features. This may be the best budget smartwatch for 2022. The watch includes heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, GPS, a very bright 1.6-inch AMOLED display, great battery life, and much more.

Poco Watch Review: Specs

Display: 16 AMOLED display / 301 PPI

Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

Operating system: Android 6.0 or iOS 10.0

Navigation: GPS

Battery: 225 mAh (14 days)

Dimensions: 39.1 mm x 34.4 mm/ 19.98 mm /316

Sensor: Optical heart rate sensor

System language: English, German, French, And More

Poco Watch Review:  Design And Build

Poco Watch Review: The Best Smartwatch For A Low Price

The watch is made from a complete plastic watch case with a plastic back. Also on the back, you can see the health sensors and the charging pins. The charger is a magnetic USB charger, and it takes just over 10 minutes to fully charge. The 225 milliamp-hour battery has a typical battery life of 14 days. On the side of the watch, there is a single power button, which also doubles up as a home button.

Poco Watch Review: Features

The watch is running a basic custom OS which is very easy to use and navigate. The touch screen is very responsive, and the watch can track your everyday fitness activities with over a hundred preset workouts built-in.

Now you also have 24 heart rate monitoring and spo2 is actually on-demand or activated during sleep, so you can’t unfortunately monitor your spo2 constantly and also track and monitor your sleep activities.

Poco Watch Review: Mi Fitness App

Poco Watch Review: The Best Smartwatch For A Low Price

All your health activities can be viewed from the smartphone app, which supports both Android and iOS, and the app is called MI Fitness. When you open the app, you will see your health page at a glance, showing you all your health metrics.

And as soon as you open up the app, it automatically pairs and syncs with the watch, so all your info is there in front of you, and you can also view detailed reports of everything. You can check out the day, week, and month depending on how much you’ve worn the watch. Workouts can also be initiated from the phone if that is more convenient for you; otherwise, they can be initiated directly from the watch.

On the device, you will see all your watch settings and features. If you check it out online, that is actually your watch face. So “local” means all the watch faces that are currently stored on the watch. And some of the settings you’ve got are app notifications, your heart rate setting, and more. It’s a nice, easy-to-use, user-friendly smartphone app that works on Android and iOS, which is a plus point.

Poco Watch Review: iOS and Android compatibility

Poco Watch Review: The Best Smartwatch For A Low Price

The Poco watch is designed to work on both operating systems, Android and iOS, with no limitations. So everything works as it should on both devices. Furthermore, this watch is 5 ATM water-resistant, which is the icing on the cake. It’s good for swimming, and not only can you swim with it, but it will track your swimming strokes, your distances, calories, etc.

Poco Watch Review: Final thoughts

So there you have it. That was the poco watch. A simple name with a minimalistic design. The AMOLED display is just gorgeous. We really like the display, and also the touch screen is responsive. The software is user-friendly and informative. You can just wear the watch and go about your daily tasks, and the watch will go to work behind the scenes without any input from you.

It’s comfortable on the waist, so you can wear it constantly for many days without feeling any strain or discomfort. It’s 5 ATM water-resistant, so you don’t even need to worry about showering or going swimming, and you can leave the watch on if you want to. Now the built-in GPS is accurate enough, and the battery life easily lasts over 10 days with a combination of the always-on display on and off.

Poco has been really careful with this watch, making sure that they actually use good quality medical sensors and that the results speak for themselves. You’ve got close to medical-grade standards for heart rate and spo2 monitoring, and that is unheard of at this price point.

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