Should You Buy Dogecoin In 2023? Know The Following 5 Pros And Cons

Dogecoin, often known as DOGE, is one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies on the market. Billy Marker and Jackson Palmer started it in 2013. It was made as a joke from a meme featuring the Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu, so its creation was amusing. DOGE grew in popularity over time, and real-value crypto traders began to consider it as a long-term investment. It has a market cap of US $23.37 billion and is the 11th largest cryptocurrency in the market, according to coinmarketcap.

The mass appeal of this meme-inspired and sometimes humorous cryptocurrency is what drives its success. DOGE appears to be less frightening and more approachable than the thousands of other cryptocurrencies and tokens. Dogecoin is a popular speculative cryptocurrency that has recently gained popularity. However, in recent years, these headlines have resulted in outperformance. It’s still unclear what will happen to Dogecoin’s value in 2022. So, we’ve compiled a list of five Dogecoin pros and cons so that users can evaluate their DOGE investment strategy.

Should You Buy Dogecoin In 2022?

Dogecoin’s Pros and Cons


1. Decentralized exchange compatibility: DOGE is a cryptocurrency that may be bought and sold on decentralized exchanges. The Ren project, in particular, has given it access to the Ethereum blockchain platform as well as the decentralized finance network. This shows that DOGE is consistent with the crypto market’s rising decentralized finance movement.

2. Easy transaction: Dogecoin is similar to Bitcoin in various ways, which implies it offers some benefits similar to Bitcoin. The crypto’s coding is also quite similar to Bitcoin’s, making it safer and more convenient to use. Dogecoin also has no mining restrictions. This gives investors the ability to trade Dogecoin at any time, whether it’s for a short-term or long-term investment.

3. A growing community of holders: Dogecoin has a developing community of holders and supporters, which is one of its biggest advantages. Its growing community of users, according to Cuban and Mark, makes it an ideal medium for exchange. One of the main reasons for its growing popularity among the general public is that its investors regard it as an absolute value. As part of the crypto’s advertising, these investors are also quite active on social media platforms, sharing memes based on the cryptocurrency.

4. Dogecoin’s unique market positioning: Several investors regard DOGE’s inflationary condition, unique mining feature, and ties to Litecoin as unique. Dogecoin’s mining methodology is based on proof-of-work, which means significant computational tasks must be solved to confirm transactions throughout the blockchain because it was an early crypto entrant.

5. DOGE’s listing on the stock exchange: Dogecoin has been listed on some of the greatest stock and cryptocurrency trading platforms since its beginnings, including eToro, one of the largest multinational crypto brokerages. Its inclusion on eToro has resulted in a significant increase in client interest in Dogecoin trading. The platform has also resulted in an increase in traffic from clients looking to trade DOGE. 


1. Possesses no supply capitalization: One of Dogecoin’s main drawbacks is the lack of a supply cap. It’s because cryptocurrencies with no supply limit are ineffective inflation hedges. Furthermore, DOGE’s limitless mining will necessitate larger blockchain mining operations in the future. Because it uses the proof-of-work process, it will continue to grow its pool of miners and the number of computers it uses to handle the ever-increasing volume of transactions.

2. Poor technical support: Despite its increasing community of users and supporters, Dogecoin has inadequate technical support. DOGE has a smaller development staff than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano. DOGE has also made no technological advancements or adjustments since 2015. It’s also worth mentioning that, in terms of technology, it doesn’t offer any unique selling propositions.

3. Association with pump and dump schemes: Pump and dump schemes have been around for quite some time. Despite the fact that it is prohibited on regulated crypto exchanges, it still has an impact on some cryptos. Pumping occurs when a significant number of coins are purchased by a group of people, causing the asset’s price to skyrocket. They sell the assets to other buyers when the coin’s value rises above what they paid for it, and they get a large profit. DOGE is prone to this type of manipulation.

4. Its fun nature might contradict real innovation: DOGE was created with the intention of making fun of current currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. DOGE’s nature prevents it from being incorporated and adopted as a digital asset.

5. It is not the best transactional currency: Dogecoin can only be used as a digital currency, unlike other currencies like Tronic and Ether, which may be used as transactional currencies. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash have a higher transactional value than DOGE.

DOGE brought crypto millionaires and billionaires to a technological future they had no idea existed. Investors should always test the waters before trading on currencies like Dogecoin, despite its successes.


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