Spotify Logged Me Out: 7 Ways to Fix It

Spotify Logged Me Out: 7 Ways to Fix It

Spotify logged me out. When it comes to music streaming services, not all are created equal. Spotify is the clear winner regarding user-friendliness, with an impressive 433 million monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2022—that’s more than double the number of subscribers that competing service Pandora has.

However, as with any app or website, there can be errors along the way. That’s why we’re here to help! If you’ve been using Spotify for a while and suddenly logged out, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Many users have experienced problems logging into Spotify and ending up logged out. Don’t panic-these issues are super common and there are simple solutions for fixing them.

Spotify Logged Me Out: 4 Common Reasons

Spotify doesn’t just log you out of your account without any reason. There may be some reasons causing this issue. Here are the four most common reasons why Spotify keeps logging you out of your account.

Server Issues: Sometimes Spotify keeps logging you out of your account due to the server being down or not working properly. And you can use downdetector to check whether the Spotify server is down or having a real-time problem.

Using an outdated Spotify App: Sometimes you get the log-out issue when you are using an outdated version of Spotify. Just like other apps on your smartphone, you must update the Spotify app to ensure proper functioning.

Third-party app access: Spotify may keep logging you out of your account due to third-party apps linked to your Spotify account. If any third-party apps have access to your account, remove them.

Sign Out Everywhere: If you share a Spotify account with someone and the rightful owner uses the Sign Out Everywhere feature, Spotify will log you out of the account. To avoid this annoying issue, you should get your own Spotify account.

7 Ways to Fix Spotify Logged Me Out

It can be annoying when Spotify keeps logging you out while you listen to your favorite music. If this happens, don’t panic! There are several things you can do right now to fix your Spotify login issue so that you can continue streaming your favorite music again.

1. Clear App Cache

Just like any other app on your smartphone, Spotify gathers temporary files to speed up loading time and bandwidth. This stored data can cause issues for the app over time. It is therefore advised that you regularly clear the cache. Here’s how to do it.

1. On your mobile phone, open your Spotify app. Click on Settings (gear icon) at the top right corner of your screen.

2. Next, scroll down until you find “storage” and click on the “Delete Cache” option to clear it.

Spotify Logged Me Out: 7 Ways to Fix It

2. Update Spotify

If you haven’t updated your Spotify app in a while, then you must update it. App developers often release app updates when users report issues. The Spotify issues you’re experiencing might have been resolved in the most recent version. Therefore, update the Spotify app on your phone to see if that resolves the problem.

3. Uninstall Cleaning Apps

Using cleaning apps on your smartphone can be the reason why Spotify keeps logging you out. This cleaning app sometimes forces apps to close to reduce memory consumption and save battery life. Therefore, if you have a cleaning app on your phone or computer, whether a built-in or third-party app, you should disable or delete it and check if the problem is fixed.

4. Reset Spotify Password

Another common fix for Spotify Logged Me Out is to reset your password, which is recommended by Spotify. Getting logged out automatically may be a sign that your account has been compromised. Therefore, change your password anytime this occurs. Here’s how to do it.

1. Open your preferred web browser on your PC and log in to your Spotify account.

2. Once you have logged in, click on your profile in the top right corner. A drop-down menu will appear; select Account.

3. Next, click on Change Password from the side panel. Under “Change your password,” enter your current password and then your new password. Lastly, click on “Set new password”.

Spotify Logged Me Out: 7 Ways to Fix It

5. Disable Third-party Access

Sometimes Spotify logs you out of your account because of third-party apps linked to your account. Thus, try to remove access to these third-party apps and see if the problem is resolved.

1. Open your web browser and log in to your Spotify account. Once you’re done, click on your profile in the top right corner. A menu will appear; select “Account”.

2. Next, on the left side panel, click on Apps. Here, you’ll see a list of the third-party apps that have access to your Spotify account. Lastly, click on the ” Remove Access” button to remove their access.

Now, restart your Spotify and see if the problem has been solved.

6. Reinstall Spotify

One of the common solutions to this problem is to reinstall the application on your phone or computer. To do this, uninstall your Spotify app and restart your device before you reinstall the app again. Once done, check to see if the problem is fixed.

7. Contact the Spotify Support Team

Once you have tried all the above solutions and Spotify still logs you out, the last option left for you is to contact the “Spotify Support Team”. Click on this link to contact the Spotify support team.

Spotify Logged Me Out: Wrapping Up

While Spotify allows you to stream your favorite music both online and offline, the app sometimes faces issues like “Spotify logged me out,” which is something common. Thus, if Spotify logs you out of your account, you can use any of the above solutions and see if it helps.

If you are still having the same issue, you can contact Spotify support for further assistance. Which of the above solutions helped? Let us know in the comments section below.

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