Websites to Download Microsoft Word Templates Free

8 Best Websites to Download Microsoft Word Templates

Websites to download free Microsoft word templates. Starting with a template can be very beneficial when writing a document in Microsoft Word. Templates give you a head start with built-in formatting, whether it’s a resume, report, project, plan, or another type of common document.

However, if you want a certain document type or simply want additional options, you should do your own search. Here are some websites where you can download a Microsoft Word template for free.

Websites to Download Microsoft Word Templates

1. Microsoft Office Online

The Top 8 Websites to Download Microsoft Word Templates
Websites to Download Microsoft Word Templates

Whenever it comes to Microsoft Word templates, there’s no better place to begin than Microsoft Office Online. The benefit of using this site is that your templates are provided by Microsoft directly.

Microsoft Word’s templates are well-organized, allowing you to search for them by keyword or browse by category, event, occasion, or application. There are also hundreds of free Word templates available. For example, resumes and cover letters, flyers and brochures, calendars and cards, and many more.

Select a template to see a brief description when you find one you like. To use the template on your computer, click the Download option, or click Edit in Browser to open it in Microsoft Word Online.

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2. Vertex42

Vertex42 is a popular choice for Microsoft Office templates. While the site focuses primarily on Excel templates, there is a nice range of Word templates as well. A navigation button for Word Templates may be found at the top of the site. Simply click that, and you’ll be taken to their complete list.

Letters, resumes, fliers and agendas can all be found here, as well as basketball rosters, exercise diaries, and camping checklists. When you choose a template to see or download, you’ll notice related templates at the bottom, which is quite useful.

Simply select a template you want to download to obtain a detailed explanation that includes compatible applications and versions. To get your template, select your version of Word, click the Download button, and then follow the prompts.

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3. Hloom

Websites to Download Microsoft Word Templates

Hloom is an interesting website that provides templates for all Microsoft Office apps, not only Word. This is a good one to keep in mind if you need Excel or PowerPoint templates in the future.

Free Templates are located at the top of the site, and you may choose to view their collections or a single template for invoicing, certificates, invitations, or flyers. The templates in the Template Collections section are arranged into categories, ranging from agreements to doctor’s notes.

When you find a template you like, click on it to view a description, samples, and other information about the document type. The DOCX extension next to the filename confirms that it’s for Word. All you have to do now is click the download button.

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Websites to Download Microsoft Word Templates is another excellent resource for Word template downloads. Because the site offers both free and premium templates, using the search box can be difficult because you’ll see a mix. It’s easiest to start by clicking the Templates icon at the top and then selecting a category from the Free Templates section. offers a wide range of free Word templates, including agreements, invoices, planners, and vouchers. You’ll get an orderly grid of results after selecting a category. Each template includes icons for the corresponding apps. Simply look for the Microsoft Word logo, which isn’t difficult to find because there are so many.

In order to download the templates, you must first create a free account. Once you’ve done that, choose a template, click “Free Download,” and follow the on-screen instructions to get the template.

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The Top 8 Websites to Download Microsoft Word Templates

The name of the website,, says it all. A large number of Word templates for your business or home can be found easily and for free.

When you first visit the site, you’ll notice a simple navigation bar that allows you to quickly find common template categories such as agreements, brochures, business, certificates, flyers, labels, and so on. You can also search for something specific while looking at the most current and popular selections.

Each template includes a helpful description as well as an illustration. When you’ve found a template you like, click the “Download Now” button to get it. You are not required to create an account or browse through premium templates. is a website that provides free Word templates.

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6. Used to Tech

Websites to Download Microsoft Word Templates

Used to Tech is another website where you can get some Microsoft Word document templates. It provides free premium templates that you can alter in a variety of ways to meet your needs. Scroll down to the Quick Menu area. The Templates menu can be found there.

It provides invoices, books, resumes, letterheads, and flyers, as well as other useful and practical templates in the area. If you download any of the Word templates from this page, you will get a ZIP file.

You are allowed to modify the template and use it for personal or business purposes. You are not required to give credit to the creator of your work, although it is appreciated if you do. However, you may not resell or license these templates to a third party.

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7. SmileTemplates

The Top 8 Websites to Download Microsoft Word Templates

SmileTemplates is a fantastic site with a lot of document templates for Microsoft Office programs, including Word. Although the website has a large number of PowerPoint templates, its Word template collection is adequate.

After accessing the webpage, click the drop-down menu near the search field to activate it. Word Templates should be at the bottom of the list. Select this option and search for any keyword related to the document type.

SmileTemplates will provide available Word templates in three categories: new, most popular, and free. To access any of the templates, you must first create a SmileTemplates account.

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8. Stock Layouts

Websites to Download Microsoft Word Templates

Another place to look for Microsoft Word templates is Stock Layouts. For your project, you’ll find a variety of appealing and functional solutions.

If you only want free templates, go to the Templates button at the top of the page and select Free Templates. Then, under Free Graphic Design Templates, navigate through the categories by clicking the dots.

When you discover a template you like, select it and look for the file formats for Microsoft Word. The site also has templates for Illustrator and Apple Pages. After logging in or creating a free account, click the Free Download icon.

Individually priced paid templates are available, or you can subscribe to a plan. However, there are plenty of free templates available to get you started.

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